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Tara Isis Gerris: Moon circles

8,00 €
  • AutorTara Isis Gerris
  • IzdavačNepoznati izdavač
  • Šifra8463
  • StanjeVrlo dobro
  • DostupnostNa stanju
  • Broj stranica130
  • Godina izdanja2018
  • Dimenzije cm
  • Mjesto izdavanja...
  • PismoLatinica
  • UvezTvrdi

Moon Circles is a beginners guide for women who are longing to learn more about spirituality, the deeper meaning of life and the awakening of our inner Wild and Sacred feminine. It shines a light on the mysteries of the Moon and why women feel naturally attracted to her symbolism and the Spiritual significance of our Lunar phases. The book dives into the experience and true meaning of Sisterhood. Moon Circles takes you on a journey to awaken and connect you with the mystical aspects of the Moon and the 'why' and 'how' Moon -Circles and -Ceremonies are monthly celebrated by many women across the globe. By honouring and holding space for our monthly returning cycle, women learn to embrace all aspects of life.