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Zizou Corder: Lionboy the truth

7,00 €
  • AutorZizou Corder
  • Izdavač Puffin
  • Šifra8484
  • StanjeOdlično
  • DostupnostNa stanju
  • Broj stranica288
  • Godina izdanja2007
  • Dimenzije cm
  • Mjesto izdavanja...
  • PismoLatinica
  • UvezMeki

Charlie Ashanti - lion-rescuer, shipwreck-survivor and Catspeaker - is safe with his parents. Or is he? Old enemies are closing in: Maccomo, the liontrainer, longs for revenge, and the evil Corporacy is still hunting Charlie and his mum and dad. They could hide. But the time to hide is over. Now is the time to fight back...Brilliantly written, fantastically exciting adventure fiction with a twist - boys and girls aged 9 plus will love it! "Lionboy" was the first ever selection by the Blue Peter Book Club.