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Jared Diamond: 1000 events that shaped the world

15,00 €
  • AutorJared Diamond
  • Izdavač National Geographic
  • Šifra10494
  • StanjeOdlično
  • DostupnostNa stanju
  • Broj stranica416
  • Godina izdanja2008
  • Dimenzije9.43 x 1.28 x 11.15 inches cm
  • Mjesto izdavanja...
  • PismoLatinica
  • UvezTvrdi

A fascinating sweep of global developments, this fact-filled book delivers what National Geographic has introduced into households for more than a century: The world and all that is in it. A thousand concise nuggets of text, each focused on one event and numbered chronologically, walk readers through time —from the first evidence of life 3.8 billion years ago to a just-discovered planet beyond our solar system that could harbor life as we know it.