Ibiza : A Mediterranean Lifestyle (Art & Architecture)

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...I found this glossy hardcover book really good. It visits 28 houses on this island and shows you glimpses of their interiors and sometimes parts of the island from their respective vantage points.I really liked the colours the owners used on the inside& out (mostly white).I would never have considered white for an overall outside colour (especially in Australia), but now I really like it! Some of the swimming pool views are excellent. Overall, a not expensive, colourful book. Before I bought the book, I had no idea where Ibizia was. I would have liked some history about the island, but apart from that, well worth the buy. No regrets.

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Luis Domenech Girbau: Ibiza: A Mediterranean Lifestyle (Art & Architecture)
Hardcover, 320 pages
Published June 28th 1999 by Konemann (first published June 1999)
Original Title Ibiza: A Mediterranean Lifestyle (Art & Architecture)
ISBN3829022263 (ISBN13: 9783829022262)